Ex Machina (2015) Review

So I just saw the film and I’ll give it a 6.5/10 rating.. It was suspenseful all the way through but that’s the majority of what it had going for it. Not much happened until the last 0:20 or so. Why do films require millions of extra dollars for an added action scene or two? However, I still enjoyed it (obviously, since I’m writing a review) so I’ll give it above a 5/10. It deserves at least a 6 in my book because of how innovative the production of the movie was. The futuristic look of the android woman Ava was phenomenal, at least twice as better looking than the robots on iRobot (albeit iRobot was an older movie, but still). The Ava animation is something that they put A LOT of time into and had to have had the best digital animation team known to man.

The soundtracks I absolutely hated though! If they just went with something more modern than that cheap “dark techno” crap, the movie would have seemed $1 million richer. The soundtrack has the notorious feel of a cheap sci-fi flick. Other than that, the movie had amazing visuals for what it was and most scenes really made your eyes pop. Oh, did I mention that this movie takes place in like a remote “bachelor pad”-laboratory hybrid? They refer to the place as a “research facility” but it’s more just like an expensive-sized house of a millionaire with all the latest custom-built tech. So, there’s only so much you can do with a movie that takes place primarily inside a bachelor pad with only two men and some robots.

*Minor plot spoiler (“hint”) starting in paragraph below.*

Anyway, the movie was good enough to watch again and I would recommend it to any android sci-fi enthusiast. Completely opposite of what Terminator stands for, Ex Machina has more of an intimate feel going for it. In the end, you’re left wondering if androids will ever be able to be trusted. Also, as robots form a free-thinking spirit, what’s to keep them from being completely good or completely bad? Something that the movie doesn’t touch on are fail-safes that MUST be put in place if robots are to work in conjunction with humans. Unfortunately, they will almost always be at least two steps ahead of us humans.

Final thoughts: This movie does have a couple of nice twists going for it (that I hinted on above), but anyone with average intelligence could predict at least one of the three or four coming. A few main points (that I won’t go into detail about) felt a little cheesy and rushed and could have been executed better if given more thought. I also really wish that Ava would have talked more open and “candid.” For example, in other movies, when you sometimes see characters talk to themselves when they are alone. This didn’t happen with Ava. I didn’t like the way, how, how do I put this… When she talks to Caleb (the visitor guy invited to test her for flaws), she’s super formal (such as how you would usually be with someone new in a classroom) and never actually expresses her TRUE/DEEP feelings/emotions – why she did what she did in the end. Did she even care? We’re left wondering if she actually has an ounce of any synthetic human emotion at all, or if she’s just a cold, hard machine that cares for nobody but herself. We never know if she actually thinks like a human, or if she’s just another static machine script. I know that she has the ability to learn, but does her core instinct – why she does what she does – have the ability to shape itself over time?

So anyway, when the whole point of the movie (via the sessions with Ava and her creator) is revealed near the end, you start to realize that perhaps the movie isn’t so unoriginal after all and that’s why I gave it an above average rating – for at least partial originality on its main point.

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