The Modern “Mark of the Beast” Chip Experiment

So I came across this article titled Yes We Scan on about a guy who attempted the unthinkable – implanting a NFC chip in his arm that allows him to pay cashless. In this case, it syncs over bluetooth to his phone so it’s not entirely Mark of the Beast just yet.

The Chip

At first, I was thinking, all you need are the following apps for this to work:

  • Google or Apple Pay if at a retail store
  • PayPal for all else, such as person-to-person

Sweet mother of Pearl, was I wrong…

The first thing you’ll notice if you ever decide to surrender your wallet is how damn many apps you’ll need in order to replace it. You’ll need a mobile credit card replacement — Apple Pay or Android Pay — for starters, but you’ll also need person-to-person payment apps like Venmo, PayPal, and Square Cash. Then don’t forget the lesser-knowns: Dwolla, Tilt, Tab, LevelUp, SEQR, Popmoney, P2P Payments, and Flint. Then you might as well embrace the cryptocurrency of the future, bitcoin, by downloading Circle, Breadwallet, Coinbase, Fold, Gliph, Xapo, and Blockchain. You’ll also want to cover your bases with individual retailer payment apps like Starbucks, Walmart, USPS Mobile, Exxon Speedpass, and Shell Motorist, to name but a few. Plus public and regular transit apps — Septa in Philadelphia, NJ Transit in New Jersey, Zipcar, Uber, Lyft. And because you have to eat and drink, Seamless, Drizly, Foodler, Saucey, Waitress, Munchery, and Sprig. The future is fractured.

I mean come on… Seriously…?! We’re clearly NOT prepared for this to partake wide-scale yet. We would need some form of centralized system or at least, for the time being, a single app/fix to tie all of these together.

Other than it having the potential to be a full-out tracking chip, it would be nice not to have to carry a wallet around anymore wouldn’t it? Call me old-fashioned, but I’d rather just keep the chip augmentation to my phone and NOT my body…

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