HiTech Combination Lock

Master Lock 1500eXD

Numbers too hard to remember? Too time-consuming to dial in? Look no further! This is the Master Lock 1500eXD which uses arrows as a combination instead of numbers. Instead of rotating the dial, you simply push on top of the arrows to enter the code. You can enter up to 12 arrows as a combination. Time to look up your favorite “Up, Down, Left, Right” console cheat codes, huh?

The illuminated display looks rad, so that takes battery power which can be annoying to try and replace and may cause the lock to malfunction when it’s low. I also noticed some complaints about the handle not being big enough for some lockers. $40 is more than I would pay for a novelty. I don’t think it’s practical use nor would be replacing standard combination or key locks for a while. However, it still looks like cool piece of tech straight out of a futuristic sci-fi show or something.


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