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What ever happened to the PS Vita?

I really like mine but it’s very hard to find games for it!!! My local GameStop had a section at the very bottom of their miscellaneous rack for the Vita, but now even that is gone. Sony said they plan to keep developing for it, but why is it still so lacking in popularity?!

The following are reasons that I believe show superiority over the Nintendo DS: Active touchscreen display, HD screen resolution, more customization, and more functionality. The Vita has it all – it just lacks game variety.

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The Modern “Mark of the Beast” Chip Experiment

So I came across this article titled Yes We Scan on about a guy who attempted the unthinkable – implanting a NFC chip in his arm that allows him to pay cashless. In this case, it syncs over bluetooth to his phone so it’s not entirely Mark of the Beast just yet.

The Chip

At first, I was thinking, all you need are the following apps for this to work:

  • Google or Apple Pay if at a retail store
  • PayPal for all else, such as person-to-person

Sweet mother of Pearl, was I wrong…

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Ex Machina (2015) Review

So I just saw the film and I’ll give it a 6.5/10 rating.. It was suspenseful all the way through but that’s the majority of what it had going for it. Not much happened until the last 0:20 or so. Why do films require millions of extra dollars for an added action scene or two? However, I still enjoyed it (obviously, since I’m writing a review) so I’ll give it above a 5/10. It deserves at least a 6 in my book because of how innovative the production of the movie was. The futuristic look of the android woman Ava was phenomenal, at least twice as better looking than the robots on iRobot (albeit iRobot was an older movie, but still). The Ava animation is something that they put A LOT of time into and had to have had the best digital animation team known to man.

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HiTech Combination Lock

Master Lock 1500eXD

Numbers too hard to remember? Too time-consuming to dial in? Look no further! This is the Master Lock 1500eXD which uses arrows as a combination instead of numbers. Instead of rotating the dial, you simply push on top of the arrows to enter the code. You can enter up to 12 arrows as a combination. Time to look up your favorite “Up, Down, Left, Right” console cheat codes, huh?

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